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Inaugural Issue of CETFA's ETF World Magazine Launched Online

Toronto - April 7, 2015 - The Canadian ETF Association (CETFA) is launching the inaugural issue of ETF World Magazine. ETF World will inform and educate investors and advisors about the evolving and growing influence of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

 Exchange traded funds were invented in Canada 25 years ago, and ETF World Magazine is a Canadian initiative. Presented by the Canadian ETF Association (CETFA), ETF World magazine is produced by Globe Edge, a division of The Globe and Mail's Custom Content Group.

 ETF World's content speaks to a broad range of investors, advisors and financial professionals by offering introductory information on what ETFs are, insights from financial industry leaders, and analysis pieces that will appeal to seasoned investors and professionals.

 ETF World's online home is at www.etfworldmagazine.ca, where readers can expect ongoing content about ETFs, investments and more to be published online on a regular basis.

 For additional information please contact:

Pat Dunwoody

Executive Director, CETFA