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Private Client Portfolio Management (750k minimum), Sub-advisory services, including acting as investment manager for BMO Asset Management’s Tactical Dividend ETF Fund


Founded by Larry Berman and Partners in 2006, ETF Capital Management is an independent Portfolio Management firm. Our mission has always been to empower investors with education, and portfolio strategies that are powerful, yet easily understood. As Chief Investment Officer, Larry is best known as the host of Berman’s Call on BNN, and has been ranked one of Canada’s top 3 analysts (#1 in fixed income) by Brendan Wood International during his career at some of Canada’s most recognized financial institutions. We use our expertise to empower investors. Our brand is built on education, and bringing fairness back to the industry – putting clients first, and offering them the same advantages generally only reserved for the largest investors. We are proud to uphold a fiduciary duty to our clients.

ETFCM Clients enjoy the security of having their accounts held in their own name at National Bank - insured by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). ETF Capital Management does not take possession of your securities or handle any cash. There are no term contracts or penalties for selling your investments – ever. As Portfolio Managers we have a fiduciary responsibility to you (like a lawyer or accountant), and are required by securities regulators to have the highest level of education and experience in the investment industry. As a result, you can be assured that the portfolio we manage for you will be free from bias and compensation-related conflicts of interest.

As conservative stewards of wealth, we help our clients clarify their lifestyle goals through comprehensive financial planning, and then focus on balancing the right mix of risk and return. Our clients appreciate the peace of mind that comes from having a strong game plan for their investments – especially through the occasional bear market. Our custom tailored investment strategies are always adapting to ever-changing global opportunities. If you’re looking for a fresh approach to investment management, and building your family’s wealth, we invite you to learn more about our process by visiting www.etfcm.com.

Larry Berman
Chief Investment Officer

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